Young Klassick The Latest Artist Out Of New Orleans


Young Klassick just released the video to his latest single.

There are countless stories that have their origins in the streets of New Orleans. It just so happened that Young Klassick was one of those artists. Rap legends such as Lil Wayne, Master P, and B.G. raised the bar for artists in the city and served as a source of motivation for thousands.

Young Klassick

Since he was a child, he took an avid interest in music, and at the age of fifteen, he started composing freestyles and songs to popular instrumentals. Klassick (Tori Gayle), who was born on June 7, 1994, was brought up in Algiers, which is also referred to as the 15th ward, by his single mother, along with his three other siblings.

Young Klassick

Young Klassick was forced to demonstrate his worth on a daily basis in an environment that was characterized by rampant drug dealing and gang violence. The music that Young Klassick creates is an accurate portrayal of his testimony. There is no doubt that he will be remembered as the next great rap artist from New Orleans. Check out his latest “Flawless” video below:

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