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Yella Beezy Arrested For Allegedly Raping Girl He Met Online

Yella Beezy has been in a bit of trouble this year.

Yella Beezy has been accused of raping a lady on a first date, according to reports.

In April, an anonymous lady went to the hospital to report what she believed to be a rape. After Yella Beezy reached out to her on Instagram, asking if she was searching for a new buddy, the two decided to meet up for dinner in Dallas and then go to the bowling alley together, she claims.

She said that everything was OK until he invited her over to his house, where they hung out until their 10 p.m. bowling reservation when she claimed that everything was not well. According to the lady, they played cards and spoke until she decided to give Beezy a shirtless massage at his request. She alleges that as she finished, the rapper jumped on her, kissing her, and pulled up her dress, according to her. She claims that despite her repeated “no,” he managed to put his penis inside her vaginal opening.

The lady claims she was able to get away from the scenario and flee after Yella Beezy attempted to trick her into believing she was the one who began the sexual encounter by kissing him. When she went to the emergency room the next day, the authorities were called in to assist her.

In Collin County, Texas, on November 5, Yella Beezy was allegedly apprehended and charged with felony sexual assault and criminal abandonment of an endangered kid, as well as a misdemeanor for possessing a firearm.

Yella Beezy
Yella Beezy

On the same day of his arrest, it was revealed that Yella Beezy had signed a record contract with Asylum Records, and a music video for his new tune “I Guess” was also released.

According to Asylum Records CEO Dallas Martin at the time, “We are really thrilled to welcome Yella Beezy to the Asylum family.” “Over the course of many years, he’s developed an excellent brand and inventory.” We are looking forward to seeing him continue on his path to worldwide superstardom.”

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