Wrestling Star Scott Hall To Be Taken Off Life Support

Scott Hall is known for his wrestling days in NWO.

Scott Hall’s family has stated that his life support would be “discontinued” on Monday, according to his close friend fellow wrestler Kevin Nash. Scott Hall was a wrestling star and one of the prominent founding members of the New World Order (NWO).

Scott Hall

In a statement, Nash, who wrestled with Hall in the WCW and worked with the 63-year-old to help build the NWO in the late 1990s, said that doctors would remove Hall’s life support “as soon as his family is in place” later Monday.

Scott Hall

As a result of complications from surgery to repair a fractured hip that Hall sustained in an earlier fall, Hall was placed on life support. Following surgery Hall experienced three heart attacks while attempting to recuperate from his operation in the hospital.

NWO was big in the wrestling world to the point that the (Wolfpack) as they called themselves has their own collection of action figures in the 90s.

Scott Hall

The wrestling community will miss Scott Hall.

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