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V-LO The Maestro: Making A Huge Impact

V-LO The Maestro has established quite the name for himself since releasing his debut album “The Vision” several years ago. Whether it’s dropping hit records or running his businesses he has been pushing on the gas full throttle. His entertainment career has transcended and has created many other opportunities for the Louisiana native. He has reached a peak that many would say is uncharted territory.

Maestro prided himself on always being able to create, plan, and organize. That is how the name Maestro for him was born. Always looking to make something out of nothing is what he takes pride in doing. Whenever something seems like it can’t happen, he always finds a way to make it happen. Not many artists decide to go back to college during the peak of their careers. Maestro decided to return to college during the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue his second college degree. It paid off for him tremendously because in July of 2021 he graduated from the University of Phoenix with his master’s degree in business. In a recent interview he stated, “Completing my 2nd college degree meant a lot to me because I never gave up until I got the job done”. This accomplishment proves that no matter how far into your career you are, you can always go back and complete a goal that you originally started.

It’s been quite some time since we got new music from V-LO The Maestro. Throughout that time, he has established himself as a successful businessman. Running several businesses requires a person to sacrifice a lot of time to see them through successfully. Maestro plans on releasing new music in the near future for his upcoming movie soundtrack. The film is expected to be produced by V-LO The Maestro himself under his MG Films & Television production company.

Maestro has been able to establish himself as a successful music artist, actor, and businessman throughout his illustrious career. In 2019 his third studio album “The Vision 3” was released on Roc Nation’s independent distribution platform EQ Distribution. The album was such a success The Source featured an article on it. Maestro also played a movie role as Buster in the film “My Side Piece Hit the Lotto” which gave him his big break in the film industry. As times change so does the industry and V-LO The Maestro has been able to adapt and reinvent himself in ways that one never thought would be possible.

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