Top 5 Rising Artists to Watch in 2022


Top 5 Rising Artists

Top 5 Rising Artists.

Our 2022 list is a celebration of new musicians, many of whom had a successful year in 2021 and have no plans on slowing down. This is our Top 5 rising artist.

Audrey Nuna

Top 5 Rising Artists Audrey Nuna

Audrey Nuna, a Korean-American rapper-singer living in New Jersey, had been perfecting her sound via a succession of tracks going back to 2018 until she discovered a successful combination on her 2020 breakout hit “Absolutely Right.” The addicting tune gets caught in your mind on first listen, with a basic but powerful bounce that sounds a bit like Valee’s “Womp Womp.” This year, she released her first album, a liquid breakfast, which had “damn Right” and nine more songs that demonstrated Audrey is a force to be reckoned with. Other highlights include “Typical” and the Jack Harlow-assisted “Comic Sans,” which find Audrey rapping in a way that sounds as effortlessly understated as “damn Right,” “Get Luv” and “Baby Blues,” which are successful half-rapped, half-sung auto-tune experiments, and “Long Year” and the Saba-featuring “Top Again,” which find her delivering a soulful croon. It’s a small introduction, yet it immediately suggests various paths Audrey may follow next.

Bizzy Banks

Top 5 Rising Artists Bizzy Banks

Bizzy Banks is a Brooklyn drill rapper and a collaborator of the late Pop Smoke (they made a song together that wound up on the current posthumous Pop Smoke album), as well as one of the most promising Brooklyn drill rappers to make their mark after Pop’s passing. Many Brooklyn drill rookies attempt to sound like Pop Smoke and Sheff G, while Bizzy has a more traditional New York sound that draws inspiration from rappers such as Fabolous and Juelz Santana. As seen by his superb new mixtape Same Energy, which I just reviewed, his Old New York meets New New York approach is incredibly successful.

BRS Kash

Top 5 Rising Artists BRS Kash

BRS Kash debuted in 2020 with the racy “Throat Baby,” which was subsequently remixed by DaBaby and City Girls and used on his 2021 debut Kash Only. BRS Kash, like DaBaby (whose regular partner Jasonmade produced two songs on the album), mixes a boisterous but melodic combination of early 2000s Southern rap and current trap, and he’s getting better at it. He just released the new single “Oh No,” which is based on the TikTok-viral “oh no” sample from The Shangri-Las’ “Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand),” yet the song’s familiar sample isn’t the only reason it lingers. The heaviest lifting is done by BRS Kash’s own bars.

Mise Da Prince

Top 5 Rising Artists Mise Da Prince

 Mise Da Prince from Brookyln, New York has a powerful studio work ethic when it comes to coming up with his own song titles, and ideas behind the subject. It takes him no longer than a few hours to create a few songs, which is very profound. Mise Da Prince first debuted in August 2021 with his first single titled “Challenge” which currently has 300k streams and he is on course to going gold. He followed up with a visual of his popular song “Challenge” which climbed to 25K plus on the YouTube platform. Mise Da Prince then released his album “Streets Made Me” which has 70K sreams as a total project.


Top 5 Rising Artists EST Gee

Gee is from Louisville, EST, which is fairly central to multiple major rap areas (Atlanta, Michigan, Chicago, and Memphis), thus it’s no wonder that he’s a well-matched collaborator of outstanding rappers from all of those locations. Look no farther than his excellent new album Bigger Than Life or Death, which includes Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Pooh Shiesty, Lil Durk, and others. They all contribute successfully to the record, but the actual star is EST Gee, who is becoming a master at putting gritty street-rap tales in an approachable package. More information may be found in my review of Bigger Than Life or Death.

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