The Rock To Feature On “Face Off” Tech N9ne New Single


The Rock is a jack of all trades, wrestling, acting, and now rapping.

The Rock is flexing in a whole different manner this time he’s getting on the mic and trying his hand at rapping, and he has some flow!!!

The Rock
The Rock

He makes a guest appearance on the new Tech N9ne single, “Face Off” In his verse, he refers to the fact that he is both Black and Samoan, and the Rock even uses some profanity! Of course, it’s been censored.

The fact that he has shown his musical abilities before is not surprising. During his WWE career, he has strummed a guitar in the ring, and he has also appeared in Wyclef Jean’s music video for “It Doesn’t Matter,” which he directed. On that song, he got dangerously close to rapping, but this is the first time we’ve heard him go full out on the microphone.

The actor/wrestler/rapper is already marketing his “Project Rock” by Under Armour line by incorporating his featured verse into a video of him working out at the gym.

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