“Tap In With TT” Ft Gunna Hosted By The Amazing TT Torrez


TT Torrez is back with another episode of “Tap in With TT,” featuring Music Artist / Fashion Guru Gunna. The intro starts with Gunna complementing Torez on her fashion fit. Gunna reveals the latest on his upcoming projects. As you know, when Gunna steps into any building, he’s Getty image ready and social media trending topic worthy. Whether you’re an artist on a press run or a hip-hop fan looking to learn more about your favorite artist – you have to and must Tap In With TT!

Torrez is an established host and executive who has mastered the art of diversifying her talent and business sense. She oversees what’s in rotation at hip-hop’s current longest-running radio station and is recognized as one of the most powerful women in the world. She is a Multi-Media Personality, the Vice President of Artist and Label Relations, and the Music Director for HOT 97. Often Torez is accompanied by HOT97 on-air personality DJ Bobby Trends, who’s been groundbreaking in his own prestigious right with his work DJing all over the world, working with legends including Jay-Z and Funk Flex. Artists know that they have to tap in with her if they come through New York. 

With dynamite content capturing the pure essence of creative media through the lens of one of the most dynamic women in media worldwide over the past decade, Torrez will have you tap in every Thursday via Hot97.com for the latest in the news breaking information. Please feel free to tune in via the DSPs listed below to catch up with previous episodes! Great content from a great person always deserves attention.

Below you can tap into the amazing world of TT Torez

Apple Podcasts – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-in-with-tt/id1618314923

Hot97.com – Tap In With TT | Hot97

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/0a2g28v979wHIY0Vlnrjul?si=a91f5e2a4d254f6d

iHeart – Tap In With TT | iHeart

My take on the show

Personally, a good time to check out the show is when you’re at work bored in your cubicle, hitting a nice jog, or just casually enjoying life, Torez has a vibe for everybody! With the rise of the podcast and some that are critically panned on social media, it’s good to see wholesome content the markets to all age groups that’s nothing but positivity.

I like how the dialogue is never stagnant and usually carries a conversation that can be held among your peers. Discussions that influence healthy talks among people usually get a thumbs up from me personally. The shows promotes content that can be seen as controversial to some in an intelligent way which allows th emind to digest it thoroughly which is wonderful.

A few of my favorite episodes included notable names such as Mary J Blige and Bobby Shmurda, especially Bobby because he’s the most interesting man in media currently with his antics. Overall this shows that you can be yourself on air and still have game breaking content. The younger, upcoming media personalities should study Torez for on air decorum because by far she is really elite at what she does!

To put it simply, go tune into Hot 97 and watch the show, it’s lit. So please keep it on replay and keep your notifications up for future episodes, it’s some notable names stepping through!

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