Singer Trey Songz Is Being Accused Of “Anal Rape” In New Lawsuit

Trey Songz problems are getting worst as third woman comes forward with rape claims.

Trey Songz’s legal woes seem to be far from over, as another woman comes forward to accuse him of sexual assault. According to court records, Trey Songz has been accused of rape in a new lawsuit filed by the third woman to file a sexual assault complaint against the R&B singer in recent months. 

On March 24, 2016, in California, the unnamed accuser says that Songz anally raped her—”a rape so savage that Plaintiff Jane Doe sought and got urgent emergency medical attention,” according to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday.

According to the lawsuit, “Trey Songz invited Plaintiff Jane Doe ‘upstairs,” Plaintiff Jane Doe was under the impression that she would have consensual intercourse with him, as they had before. At one point, Defendant Trey Songz asked Plaintiff Jane Doe many times if Defendant could “get that ass.” Plaintiff Jane Doe consistently responded NO. 

“Within seconds of entering the bedroom, Trey Songz transformed into a violent rapist,” according to the lawsuit’  “ Attorneys for Plaintiff Jane Doe alleges that Defendant Trey Songz dragged Plaintiff Jane Doe to the ground, took Plaintiff Jane Doe’s trousers down, pinched Plaintiff Jane Doe face first, and forced Defendant Trey Songz’s penis into Plaintiff Jane Doe’s anus without her permission. Plaintiff Jane Doe screamed in agony and pleaded with Defendant to stop. Plaintiff Jane Doe attempted to fight Defendant off of her but was defeated by Defendant him after being overwhelmed. Plaintiff Jane Doe believed that the painful anal rape would come to a stop when someone entered the room during the incident, but the person swiftly left the room, and the anal rape was able to proceed.”

“I phoned an Uber to get away from additional abuse and to return home,” the lady claims in her lawsuit, but the driver noted that she was in “obvious distress” and drove her to the closest hospital.

According to the report, the lady is represented by George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell, the same lawyers who are defending former college basketball player Dylan Gonzalez, who accused Songz of raping her in a Las Vegas hotel room around nine years ago. Mitchell has also filed a civil lawsuit against Songz in the Southern District of Florida on behalf of Jauhara Jeffries, who claims that Songz sexually assaulted her at a nightclub on New Year’s Eve in 2018.

Trey Songz has denied all allegations made by all three women and has been vocal about the past 2 allegations with tweets.

Trey Songz

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We will have to see what happens as this plays out in court.

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