Shooting On NYC Subway Leaves 10 Shot, 16 Wounded

The shooting occurred on the D/N/R train at 36th St station in Brooklyn NY.

A shooting took place this morning at the 36th st station In Brooklyn NY, it’s being reported a lone gunman in a reflector vest and maybe a gas mask tossed smoke bombs on a train in Brooklyn and began shooting Tuesday morning, at least 10 people shot and 16 people wounded.

As more information about this issue becomes available, a manhunt has been launched. At least four people were discovered shortly before 8:30 a.m. at the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park and another at the 25th Street station in Greenwood Heights. A video was taken by a passenger posted on Instagram.

video credited to angry_yeti

It appears to have happened on the southbound R train, starting at the 25th Street station, at this time. The suspect tossed smoke bombs and fired fire as the doors closed. As the search continues, no arrests have been made, and schools in the region have been placed on lockdown or have been ordered to shelter in place.

Police investigated up to four parcels that were initially suspected of being suspicious but were ultimately proved to be false. Reports say the suspect was described as a 5’5 male 175lbs wearing a construction vest and a gas mask.

NYPD, ATF, and FBI are on the scene investigating. The victims were brought to a number of different hospitals.

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