Remy Ma Announces Plans For A Women’s Battle Rap Event


Remy Ma plans have people interested in rap battle.

Remy Ma began her musical career as a battle rapper, and now she’s giving back to the community by throwing an “epic” women’s combat rap event in New York City.

It was during a recent interview with Threeletterman of the “PsaHipHOP” podcast when Remy made the statement. Her plans for the girls include “something very significant,” she said. This is something more than a tournament or competition, according to the “All the Way Up” rapper. The event is scheduled to occur on February 12th, 2022.

Remy Ma was reminded of her bout with Jersey City’s Lady Luck on the freshly relaunched “Fight Club,” which took place back in 2004. Despite the fact that she won the fight and received a $20,000 cash award, she has no intentions to return to the arena as a battle rapper since she feels she is more successful in a supporting position.

Ultimately, Remy said that, despite the fact that she is constantly invited to combat, she “does not want to attempt to capture the crown.”

Remy Ma, in particular, has been a long-time supporter of the Ultimate Rap League and the Queen of the Ring, and she has attended recent events in favor of both organizations. During the leagues’ combined event, “Kings vs. Queens 2,” she and her husband Papoose performed.

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