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Red Mcfly has released a new album titled “My Favorites.”

Red Mcfly has released a new album titled “My Favorites.”

As an artist who creates soulful, hard-hitting songs that connect with listeners, Red Mcfly has built a reputation for himself over the years by producing beats for artists like Kanye West, Lil Flip, Shyne, French Montana, and the Coke Boys, among others. He was well on his way to having a great year as an artist when he decided to walk away from the limelight and concentrate on making music in the background.

With his success selling beats on the internet, he seemed to move away from being known as “Red Mcfly The Artist.”. Here we are with his new album “My Favorites,” which includes some of his favorite tracks from throughout the years, featuring features from Peedi Crakk and Lil Flip as well as production from Meztheprod, who is one of his go-to producers.

Red Mcfly

Songs like “Taking Flight” Featuring Chinx, which were hand-picked by Red Mcfly for this album, are sure to please. At the same time as announcing this album, Red also revealed that he and his crew are now in the studio working on his next album, “Takeflight 3,” the third in the highly acclaimed “Takeflight” series that he began with Evil Empire. The album will include entirely new tracks. Takeflight 3 may be out as early next month, according to him in a recent radio interview. Until then, we’ve got “My Favorites,” a soulful, hard-hitting collection of 22 songs that has never been published on any streaming service before.

It is now possible to listen to the album via a variety of different streaming services, such as Apple Music and Spotify. Don’t forget to follow Red Mcfly’s progress, since he is an incredibly gifted musician and a well-known figure in the music business.




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