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Rapper Coolio Dies At The Age Of 59

Coolio’s death was confirmed by his manager Jarez.

Legendary rapper Coolio passed away on Wednesday at the age of 59 in Los Angeles. The 90s superstar rapper died unexpectedly while visiting a buddy late on a Wednesday afternoon.


According to Jarez, his longtime manager, a buddy was calling for the rapper when he didn’t return from using the bathroom and ultimately went in to check on him and discovered him lying on the floor.

According to Jarez, paramedics who were summoned when they arrived and pronounced Coolio dead at the scene; they believe he experienced a heart attack. There is no known official cause of death.


Artis Leon Ivey Jr. (aka Coolio) first gained notoriety on the Los Angeles rap scene in the late ’80s, he became a household name after releasing the song “Gangsta’s Paradise” for the soundtrack of the 1995 Michelle Pfeiffer film “Dangerous Minds.” The song spent three weeks at the top of the charts.

Although “Paradise” is what most people remember Coolio for, he really had a number of other hits before that. Among them are “1,2,3,4 (Sumpin’ New)” and “It’s All the Way Live (Now),” both of which peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

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