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Rap Snacks Bring Lil Baby’s “All In” Chips To Sam’s Club

Rap Snacks is branching out to many big stores.

Rap Snacks, the world’s leading hip hop snack company, announced that a new multipack of the Lil’ Baby “All In” chips would be available in 340 Sam’s Club shops throughout the United States. The 2.5-ounce “All In” chips, which come in a 15-count package and include tastes such as salt & vinegar, BBQ, onion, and garlic, is a popular seller in the celebrated artist’s product range.

Rap Snacks
Rap Snacks

“We wanted to give greater volume and smaller packaging to appeal to our clients who buy our snacks for lunches and gatherings,” says James Lindsay, Founder, and CEO of Rap Snacks. The smaller bags are a more cost-effective method to have access to this popular range of our company’s merchandise. We are thrilled to be able to distribute our goods via Sam’s Club locations and look forward to offering more items through them in the future. Customers and fans will have a greater range of channels to buy our items as a result of our key relationships with Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.”

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