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R Kelly Found Guilty On All Counts

R Kelly is now facing life in prison

R&B artist R. Kelly has been convicted guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking charges by a jury in New York.

Kelly was charged with a total of nine counts in this federal case in the Eastern District of New York: one count of racketeering, with 14 underlying acts that included sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery, and sex trafficking charges, as well as eight additional counts of violations of the Mann Act, which prohibits sex trafficking. 

Kelly was found not guilty on all nine counts. A Sixteen-member panel, consisting of seven men and five women, started deliberations on Friday afternoon.

R Kelly
R Kelly

Kelly may face decades in jail if he is convicted during his sentencing, which is set on May 4. Kelly, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was cleared of child pornography charges in a state trial in Illinois 13 years ago, and the decision comes as a shock to the community.

Kelly’s counsel said that the family is contemplating pursuing an appeal since they are unhappy with the decision.

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