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Pooh Shiesty To Change His Plea From Not Guilty To Guilty In New Plea Deal

Pooh Shiesty who’s trail was set to start may be delayed.

Pooh Shiesty is currently facing life in prison for allegedly shooting a man in the buttocks during a sneaker sale at a hotel last year. Shiesty is expected to accept a plea deal after requesting a judge change his plea from not guilty to guilty on Thursday, according to court documents. In addition, the rapper’s co-defendant requested that his plea be changed from not guilty to guilty.

Following the news that the Memphis-based artist was ready to begin his trial this month after requesting a judge’s delay until next year, Rolling Stone is reporting that Pooh Shiesty is changing his plea, which could indicate that a plea deal is imminent. Shiesty’s trial is scheduled to begin this month after requesting a judge’s delay until next year.

 Pooh Shiesty
Pooh Shiesty

Defendant Bradford Cohen said that he had gone into plea discussions because “there have been changes in the case that I believe have altered the nature of the case.”

earlier pled not guilty to a four-count federal charge arising from a shooting incident that occurred after the rapper drove his rental green McLaren to a hotel to purchase luxury shoes and marijuana. Shiesty is now out on bond. After the sneakers were delivered to Shiesty, the sneaker transaction turned sour. According to reports, the rapper brandished a Draco at the victim and ordered that he place the footwear in the trunk of the vehicle. Afterward, Shiesty’s co-defendant jumped out of the car and tried to rob the victim of his valuables. Shiesty is accused of shooting the victim in the buttocks when he retaliated against him. He and his co-defendant both discharged their weapons, striking a guy in the hip with one of them.

In the past, BIG30, a Memphis rapper who grew up with Shiesty, has said that there is no possibility that he would spend the rest of his life in jail. According to the way things are going, his change of plea may signal that he is willing to accept a plea bargain with the government in exchange for a shorter sentence.

We will continue to keep you informed as more information about this developing story comes to light.

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