Paul Haggis Arrested In Italy On Sexual Assault Charges


Paul Haggis has been accused of sexual misconduct before, but charges were never brought up against him.

The legal representative for Paul Haggis, Priya Chaudhry, made the following statement: “Italian law prevents me from discussing the case further.” However, I am positive that any and all accusations will be unfounded… He has nothing to hide and is ready to help the authorities get to the bottom of things. “

Several sources say that the Oscar-winning writer and director of “Crash,” which came out in 2006, has been arrested in Italy for sexual assault.

Paul Haggis

The Oscar-winning director and writer of “Million Dollar Baby” and other blockbusters was allegedly arrested in Ostuni on Sunday on charges of forcing an unnamed young woman to have sex with him over the course of two days. He was in town for Allora Fest, a brand new film festival that just opened its doors this week.

According to law enforcement cited by Italian news outlets, Paul Haggis drove the woman, who is not of Italian descent, to an airport after the alleged assault and abandoned her there while she was still confused.

Paul Haggis

Airport personnel reportedly took the alleged victim to the hospital, where she ultimately filed charges against Haggis, identifying him as the offender. We are still holding him, and his scheduled appearances at AF events have been canceled.

No one from Haggis’ camp has responded to our inquiries. Over the past few years, different women have accused him of sexual misconduct, which he has always denied.

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