Otis Anderson Jr Shot And Killed By His Father Over Dog Bite


Otis Anderson Jr was signed to the Rams but let go this fall.

Otis Anderson Jr, a former University of Central Florida standout football player, was reportedly shot and murdered by his father on Monday night after the two became embroiled in an altercation about a dog bite. Everything is laid out in new police records, in which detectives claim that Otis Jr.’s mother, Denise Anderson, informed them that her son’s girlfriend’s dog had bitten Otis Anderson Sr., resulting in the whole, violent confrontation to begin.

According to police, Denise informed them that Otis Sr. was so furious by the bleeding wound inflicted by the dog that he and Otis Jr. got into a verbal argument. After telling Otis Jr. to go upstairs, Denise claimed that the two had been separated; however, police say she then became embroiled in an altercation with Otis Sr., during which Otis Sr. threw over a recliner, prompting Otis Jr. to return downstairs to check on his mother.

When Otis Jr. returned to the basement, Denise, according to police, informed them that the father and son “got into another verbal dispute and it seemed as if they were about to fight.” It’s unclear what occurred next since the police report has been substantially redacted, but according to the documents, when officers got on the scene, they discovered Otis Jr. suffering from “at least one gunshot wound to the chest.”

Additionally, the detectives noted in the documents that Denise was suffering from “several graze wounds.” Denise was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries before being discharged, according to police. Otis Jr. was declared dead at the hospital, according to police.

Cops claim they ultimately apprehended Anderson Sr. and charged him on murder and attempted murder charges, according to court documents. According to jail records, he is still being held in detention.

Otis Anderson Jr
Otis Anderson Jr

Otis Anderson Jr, who signed with the Los Angeles Rams earlier this season before being released in September, has been mourned by the NFL community, with players like Jalen Ramsey and Micah Parsons expressing their sorrow over the situation, as we previously reported.

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