NYC Mayor Calling For Social Media To Ban Drill Music


NYC Mayor Eric Adams thinks Drill music is too violent and causing many deaths.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams called on social media companies on Friday to prohibit the distribution of “drill” rap songs that celebrate and incite violence.

After giving an impassioned speech about the life and death of 18-year-old NYC drill rapper Jayquan McKenley, alias Chii Wvtz, who was shot and killed in Bedford-Stuyvesant last Sunday, the mayor issued his appeal the following day.

When Adams talked with his son, Jordan Coleman, who works for Jay-Roc Z’s Nation, he learned that Drill rapping is “a genre with dark, violent undertones, often including the use of semiautomatic guns,” he said.


Drill rapping was something I was completely unfamiliar with. Videos were supplied to me by my son. According to him, “it was disturbing.” Adams said that he wants to speak with social media firms in order to request that drill rap videos be removed from their sites. In his words, “you have both a civic and business obligation.”

In advance of his lobbying trip to Albany next week, when he will encourage Gov. Kathy Hochul and lawmakers to endorse his proposal to reduce gun violence, Adams has launched a campaign against drill rapping on social media. In his efforts to toughen the state’s problematic bail system and punish gun-wielding youths who are now exempt from being accused in criminal court, he is encountering opposition from some of his fellow Democrats.

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