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NLE Choppa Vegan Food Truck In Memphis

NLE Choppa is making a change in his hometown.

NLE Choppa is dedicated to fostering a more peaceful and healthy way of life, whether via meditation or herbal medicine. He believes in it so strongly that he has recently established his very own food truck in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa

The 18-year-old rapper believes that his This Can’t Be Vegan business will be able to assist in lowering the city’s crime rate and increasing the number of individuals enrolled in school as a result of healthier meals. He released a video on Twitter saying how proud he was with this new venture with the hope to help change Memphis a bit, with the culture of vegan food.

NLE always manifested with positivity coming from Memphis, he would like the crime rate to go down and if he can help in any way possible he will do it without questions. Since August 2020, NLE Choppa has been following a vegan diet and lifestyle. NLE said that there were few vegan alternatives in Memphis and that he wanted to break into the market himself. He wants to open the eyes of others since being vegan where he comes from is frowned upon.

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