Natalia Bryant Seeks Restraining Order Against Stalker

Natalia Bryant daughter of late basketball star Kobe Bryant fears for her life.

According to court papers, Natalia Bryant, the late basketball great Kobe Bryant’s daughter, has requested a restraining order against an alleged stalker in Los Angeles.

A civil harassment restraining order was sought against Dwayne Cortez Toliver Kemp, 32, of Sun Valley, California, on Monday by a 19-year-old student at the University of Southern California.

According to the documentation, Kemp allegedly started stalking her on social media in 2020, when Natalia Bryant was only 17 and he was 30.

Natalia Bryant Seeks Restraining Order Against Stalker

According to the filing, in 2020 Kemp, who is referred to as an online gun enthusiast, started texting her on social media as if they were in a romantic relationship or as if he intended to start one. Although she had never met him, she was terrified because he had sent her kissing faces, hearts, and threats that he would approach her in person without her consent.

According to the document, Kemp is accused of sending Bryant a direct message in July 2021 that included a picture of her father Kobe Bryant, and a statement about his desire to create a Kobe-like child with her. “Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully, We Can Birth Him… ‘Kobe,’” he wrote, the filing said.

Natalia Bryant Seeks Restraining Order Against Stalker

He made at least two attempts to find her on the campus of the University of Southern California, most recently on November 2, and the harassment “escalated over time,” according to the complaint, making her fearful for her safety. He posted pictures of a “Draco” and a “little Draco” with the word “next,” hinting that these would be his next purchases, shortly after attempting to visit Bryant at USC on November 2, according to the lawsuit. Both weapons are AK-47 pistols.

Natalia Bryant lawyer claimed that the following day, He indicated on Instagram that he intended to buy a “Glock Switch,” which is prohibited under federal law since it transforms a semi-automatic Glock Pistol into a fully automatic weapon.

He attempted to contact Bryant at USC about the same time he posted three videos of himself buying a firearm on his Instagram and Facebook accounts on Nov. 9, according to the lawsuit.

Natalia Bryant Seeks Restraining Order Against Stalker

 Kemp has at least four misdemeanor arrests and/or convictions, one of which involved a firearm. There was no mention of Kemp’s legal counsel. According to the filing, Bryant’s request for a restraining order was supported by USC campus police and the Los Angeles Police Department, and Kemp’s actions had caused Bryant “severe emotional distress.”

The request for a restraining order stipulates that Kemp must be at least 200 yards away from Natalia Bryant, her residence, her place of employment, her place of study, her car, her sorority house, and the USC campus. The next hearing will take place on December 14.

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