Nas Blixky Dropping Name After Being Shot


Nas Blixky might be leaving rap alone.

Brooklyn rapper Nas Blixky is alive, according to his family following an attack last week that left him shot in the back and legs. He has now decided to drop his stage name Nas Blixky and go by his own name.

Relatives said that Blixky, real name Nasir Fisher, came to the conclusion that the cost of rapping about weapons and bloodshed and dissing other emcees over bass-driven rhythms was much too costly. Since being shot on Rogers Avenue in Prospect Lefferts Gardens on January 27, Fisher has made it his mission to leave that life behind.

Nas Blixky
Nas Blixky

However, walking has proven to be a challenge for Fisher. The victim, identified as Fisher, was shot in the back and the leg at 9:30 a.m. and transported to Kings County Hospital in stable condition, according to police. There have been no arrests made. Several people attacked him, according to his parents, during a bout of angry trash-talking on social media.

According to Maunday, “he had been staying at his son’s mother’s residence the night before.” “After dropping his 3-year-old kid off at school, he walked out to get a sandwich for himself. He saw the shooter on the opposite side of the street, who was aiming his weapon directly at him. He was on the run for his life. They were a group of two or three people. “They ambushed him,” they say.

According to Maunday, social media has been abuzz incorrectly about Nas Blixky’s death, perhaps due to a mix-up with a similarly-named rapper Nick Blixky, 21, who was shot and murdered in the same area in May 2020.

“According to his stepfather, “he’s doing a lot better.” “On Facebook, some are claiming that he is deceased, but he is still alive. Nas Blixky, the rapper, is no more. “The stage name has been retired.”

The same can be said about Fisher’s relationship to drill music, which is a rap genre that has its roots in violent and brutal street life and is distinguished by a bleak and deadpan delivery. Indeed, the term “blixky” is slang for a firearm.

Lu Blixky, another person who went by the slang gun term in his name, was shot to death in Brownsville, Texas, in 2020. His true name was Luis Caballero, and he died when he was just 22 years old.

However, if the internet believes Nas Blixky is no longer alive, that is great with them and Fisher, who is glad to leave him buried in the ground.

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