Mise Da Prince Releases “Cold Hearted” Music Video


Mise Da Prince is back at it releasing that fire!

Mise Da Prince previously released song “Challenge ” from his album “Streets Made Me” drew a buzz in
the industry, streaming over 600,000 plus when it was released back in December 2021. After months of
planning Mise Da Prince is finally releasing the follow up to his previously released single which is titled
“Cold Hearted”

Mise Da Prince

Mise New York style, mixed with the trial and tribulations in life is very relatable to his fans. He has been
working hard, staying consistent in the studio with producer Meztheprod, shooting videos for his
upcoming releases, and already planning to drop another album by the end of the year under the
umbrella of Rap Aechelon Music.

In the video for “Cold Hearted” Mise can be seen with his crew reflecting on how he made it out of the
mud, some scenes show him from a side angle rapping about how others doubted him and how he had
to prove them wrong, he also raps about some of the things he’s been through trying to make it in the
music industry.

His work ethic throughout this short period of time has been phenomenal, making sure nothing and no
one stands in his way, perfecting his craft, and wanting to provide for his family is all the motivation he
needs on his journey to be successful. Watch Video Below:

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