Military Basketball Association Has Another All-Star Line-Up


Military basketball is on the rise and wants all your support.

The Military Basketball Association is gearing up for yet another year of an action-packed, all-star lineup that consists of military active duty personnel, veteran, basketball players, and coaches as well as its supporting sponsors. 

The mission of the MB Association is to represent the military community by being the voice for the victims and their families in the midst of a surge of suicide rates amongst those who serve, setting the record straight on the stigma surrounding behavioral health.


Founder and Commissioner, Mike Meyers II, launched the MB Association 20 years ago where he also acted as a volunteer coach. As a mentor and military veteran, Meyer’s mission is to bring awareness to the sports world through military basketball by displaying the talents of the brave women and men who serve our country.   


In addition to advocating in the community, the vision of MBA is to educate others on the effects of behavior disorders such as PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and to provide an outlet to soldiers battling it out on the front lines as well as on the home court.

The MBA consists of three conferences, 20 men’s teams, 4 women’s teams, internationally and stateside. Each year, the teams travel to Denver to compete in the finals followed by weekend-long festivities that include contests, conferences, and events to commemorate the hard work of the players and staff members of the organization.

Highlights, stats, and sponsorship opportunities can be found on the official website of the MB Association. Click this link.

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