Mike Tyson Filmed Attacking Drunk Passenger On A Flight After Being Provoked


Mike Tyson is known for his boxing skills, so why would one want to bother him?

Mike Tyson appeared to attack a fellow airline passenger on a flight from San Francisco to Florida early Thursday morning.

From a row behind him, the passenger can be seen excitedly conversing with Tyson on video. After taking a selfie with his pal, Tyson, 55, urged the passenger to leave him alone, according to a witness.

TMZ Credited For Video

Before hitting the man with a flurry of strikes, the former heavyweight champion appeared to have reached his breaking point. The passenger was “very inebriated” and “wouldn’t stop provoking” Tyson, according to the witnesses on the flight. Mike allegedly walked off the plane seconds after the incident.

According to reports, the man who was punched sought medical assistance and subsequently reported the event to the police. No charges have been filed as of yet.

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