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In 2023, Microsoft Will Increase The Cost Of Xbox Games To $70

Microsoft hasn’t said if it will also raise the price of its consoles.

Microsoft is getting ready to raise the price of its top new first-party Xbox games from $60 to $70, joining other major game publishers in doing so.

Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and Starfield are just a few of the Xbox Series X|S games that will cost $69.99 USD at launch starting in 2023. Although Xbox has acknowledged that regional prices may vary, it hasn’t yet provided details for other nations.

In 2023, Microsoft Will Increase The Cost Of Xbox Games From $60 To $70

Given that Xbox CEO Phil Spencer stated earlier this year that the company wouldn’t be able to retain its prices forever but that Xbox will not raise prices before the 2023 holiday shopping season, the price increase is not unexpected. Sony, Ubisoft, and Take-Two Interactive have all declared $70 pricing ranges for several upcoming games, and Sony specifically has reportedly explored boosting that price even further. 

It’s difficult to predict whether this will result in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S becoming more expensive. Price increases for the PlayStation 5 have already been implemented in a number of nations, and Nintendo has stated that future price increases for the Switch are not excluded. Microsoft made it clear when Sony announced its console price increase that it had no plans to do the same for its current Xboxes.

In 2023, Microsoft Will Increase The Cost Of Xbox Games From $60 To $70

Xbox declined to respond when we asked about future console price rises. Companies who have recently raised their pricing have pointed to issues like rising development expenses and continuous inflation as the main causes of the hike.

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