Microsoft Has Served Sony Interactive Entertainment With A Subpoena

Microsoft wants Sony to disclose information about the pipeline production of Playstation.

Microsoft the creator of Xbox reportedly asked Sony to reveal information about the PlayStation game development process in a court filing. The data, which Microsoft thinks is pertinent to its argument, might contain private information that Sony would be hesitant to divulge to its rival if at all feasible.

Microsoft Has Served Sony Interactive Entertainment With A Subpoena

According to the petition, discussions between SIE and Microsoft regarding the volume of SIE’s output and a discovery timetable are still underway. Sony now has until January 27 to file a motion to limit, quash, or take other action in response to the subpoena after it was extended for a week.

In an effort to stop Microsoft from paying $69 billion for Activision Blizzard, which the FTC claims would allow the corporation to “suppress competitors” to its Xbox console, subscription content, and cloud gaming businesses, the FTC revealed plans to sue the company back in December.

In addition to their other fears, the FTC and Sony have voiced concern that the agreement, which would see their rival company acquire control of the Call of Duty franchise, which Sony has deemed “irreplaceable,” might seriously harm PlayStation’s ability to compete.

Microsoft Has Served Sony Interactive Entertainment With A Subpoena

The company and Activision have maintained in their answers to the FTC’s complaint that their merger will be pro-competitive and advantageous to consumers by increasing the accessibility of the Call of Duty publisher’s games.

Microsoft recently revealed that it had given Sony a 10-year, legally binding contract to release every new Call of Duty game on the PlayStation the same day it is released for Xbox in an effort to allay regulatory worries.

There haven’t been “substantive” settlement discussions with Microsoft on the prospective merger, the FTC stated earlier this month. Hearings scheduled for August 2023 will determine whether the matter is tried.

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