Michael Jackson Worked On Sonic 3 Soundtrack


Michael Jackson wasn’t given credit for his work on Sonic 3.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s soundtrack may be the most hotly debated in the history of video games. Did Michael Jackson have anything to do with Sonic 3? This is a question that has raged for years, with other musicians appearing to confirm that Michael Jackson was involved in the game’s music in an interview that aired last year. However, SEGA has disputed this.

In an interview with the Abbey Road Institute Paris, Brad Buxer, a keyboardist who worked closely with Michael Jackson in the ’90s, talked about his involvement in the music industry, including how he got into it, his time in the new wave band The Jetzons, and how he met and got to work with MJ.

Michael Jackson

Sonic 3’s soundtrack naturally came up, and Buxer discussed his and Michael’s involvement with the music, suggesting that MJ was a little less involved.

‘ Stranger in Moscow’ has frequently been compared to Sonic 3 because of the similarities in the game’s end credits theme. There are many connections between Buxer’s work on Ice Cap Zone and Carnival Night Zone, including an unreleased Jetzons song and a 1991 Jackson single titled “Jam,” so this discussion brings the two songs closer together.

SEGA has previously denied Michael Jackson‘s involvement in the game’s soundtrack, but other sources claim that his removal from the project was due to child molestation allegations against him.

In the interview below he talks about Michael and Sonic at the 7:04 mark.

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