Love & Hip Hop Star Tricia Ana Slashed In Face During Fight In Hollywood


Love & Hip Hop star hasn’t commented as of yet.

Love & Hip Hop Star Tricia Ana, is recovering from a major injury she sustained after a battle at a Hollywood Hills party. When the dust cleared, she was wounded and without her jewelry.

Things heated up inside the home before the brawl broke out with both ladies striking each other. You can see Tricia’s necklace on the ground at one point in the film, and then it’s gone in a flash of lightning. During the commotion, it seemed to have been taken by a man in white and green trousers.

Video Credited to TMZ

A woman in black became involved as the altercation proceeded, and it was at that point that Tricia was slashed across the face, according to our sources. She was sent to a hospital, where she received around 20 stitches, and police enforcement was notified. Tricia Ana who is known as Akon’s ex-girlfriend started off as a guest on the show and is now a part of the show.

Cops were reportedly investigating the fight, but no arrests have yet been made, according to reports.

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