Lil Durk Propose To Girlfriend India Royale At Concert In Chicago


Lil Durk popped the question at his concert.

Lil Durk has had a rollercoaster year that has had both highs and lows. When he released Loyal Bros earlier this year, the rapper was fresh off the success of The Voice and wanted to bring the OTF group into the limelight as well. Later, for their collaborative endeavor, Voice Of The Heroes, he and Lil Baby formed a partnership. On top of that, he continued to release loose singles and provide his followers with a steady supply of new music to enjoy.

As the calendar year came to a close, Lil Durk returned to his birthplace of Chicago for a homecoming show on Saturday night. There was a bevy of visitors, including Lil Baby, who joined the rapper, but it was his loved ones who were the most surprised by the festivities. While performing, the rapper dropped down on one knee and invited India Royale to the middle of the stage, where he proposed to her and begged for her hand in marriage.

“I’m madly in love with you. You understand what I’m saying when I say that you’ve been holding me back when I’ve gone through a lot “After asking for quiet from the audience, he continued. “Do you want to be my wife?” says the man. He inquired before she embraced him in a bear hug. She responded YES.

Heartfelt congratulations to the couple!

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