Latto Trending After 130 Of Her Songs Leak

Latto attended the AMA Awards and seems to be unbothered by the leak.

After a significant leak from her unreleased music vault occurred on Monday night (November 21), Latto became a trending topic on Twitter.

In addition to previously, unreleased collaborations with other musicians and reference recordings for some of the Atlanta rapper’s female rap rivals, an estimated 130 songs from her have been made available online.

Latto Trending After 130 Of Her Songs Leak

One of the leaked tracks was “Blick Blick,” a song by Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj that was published earlier this year, was one of the most notable leaks. The song’s hook is rapped by Latto in the reference track before she delivers lyrics that also occurred in Coi and Nicki’s verses.

It’s unknown if she initially intended for “Blick Blick” to feature her or if she only intended to use the recording as a reference for Coi Leray. It’s also unclear if she wrote the song for Coi Leray.

Latto Trending After 130 Of Her Songs Leak

Other tracks included a reference track for “Whole Lotta Money” which was released by BIA. Her track “Sex Lies” which was released with Lil Baby also has a feature with Troy Lanez that was scraped. Many are wondering if Latto is ghostwriting for other artists, BIA took to Twitter and claims she and London Jae wrote the song. A lot of other songs were leaked but Latto is relaxed and seems to be unbothered as she attended the AMA Awards.

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