Influencer Kevin Samuels Reportedly Passes Away


Kevin Samuels was just on live the night before he passed.

Kevin Samuels died in Georgia Wednesday morning, according to reports. He was well-known for dating counseling and YouTube videos, where he advertised himself as an “image consultant.”

“How Much Do You Cost to Submit?” is one of his most popular videos. He recently stirred controversy on social media after saying that unmarried women aged 35 and up are considered “leftover women.” He has gained many fans and even interviewed rapper Future.

Kevin Samuels

“You’re a leftover if you live to be 35 and haven’t married.” You’re a straggler. Men realize you may have a problem,” he said. “I’ll accompany you whether you want to hear it or not.” I’m about to tell you something you don’t want to hear.”

Despite being twice divorced and claiming to be unmarried, Samuels was never afraid to share his thoughts on the subject of relationships.

Kevin Samuels

More information on the circumstances surrounding his death is still unknown.

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