Kay Flock And Ronsuno Get Into A Fight At Rolling Loud NYC


Kay Flock and Ronsuno publicly express dislike for one another.

Kay Flock and Ronsuno are two of the Bronx top drill rappers but word on the streets is the two are beefing. Saturday evening (Oct, 30) at Rolling Loud NYC the two rappers got into a fight. Both rappers performed at the event when they ran into one another. From a video circulating on Instagram, you can see an all-out scuffle between the two entourages.

Kay Flock

Both rappers have posted to their stories with no marks on their faces but claiming to have whoop the other. Cops were present at rolling loud but from the video, you can see that they had no control as the fight escalated to a brawl. The two rappers are said to be having problems because they both come from the Bronx and want to be the top rapper from the area.

Video Below:

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