Katt Williams Show Stopped And Evacuated Over Bomb Threat


Katt Williams is on his “World War III Tour”

After receiving a bomb threat, Katt Williams shopped his Nashville gig early on Saturday night.

Katt was in Tennessee for his “World War III” Tour, when someone on the crew informed him of the danger 10 minutes before it was meant to conclude.

Katt Williams

Williams had to choose between informing the audience of the danger or ending the show abruptly, which would allow the audience to evacuate calmly. Katt abruptly exited the stage without explaining why. Without incident, the location was cleared. Katt was dragged off stage and rushed out of there because security took it seriously enough.

Katt exited the venue without incident. There had been allegations of a bomb threat as well as a gun threat on the internet. As far as we can gather, the area was thoroughly searched and no device was discovered.

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