Julia Fox And Azealia Banks Get At One Another On Instagram


Julia Fox has been the talk of the town since her break-up with Kanye West

Julia fox and rapper Azealia Banks have been on Instagram trading shots at one another. Azealia Banks has referred to Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Julia Fox as a ‘low rate escort with a crack baby,’ in the latest exchange in a bitter spat between the two women.

Julia Fox

In response to Azealia posting a screenshot of Julia’s statement regarding her separation from Kanye, the rapper called her out for her substance abuse as well as her sex jobs.

Julia Fox

Julia, 32, has previously talked about her struggle with drugs, stating that she had used heroin and had suffered from more than one overdose in the past. The actress has also been open about her previous employment as a dominatrix, but she has stated that she never had sexual relations with any of her customers.

Azealia even went as far as posting a picture of Julia injecting heroin back when she was addicted, which we aren’t posting. This has already crossed the line with both women violating one another.

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