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Director James Toback Accused Of Being A Sexual Predator

This comes just a few years after sexual charges were dropped against James Toback in Los Angeles.

James Toback is accused of being a “serial sexual predator.” A complaint against filmmaker Toback, 78, and the Harvard Club of New York City was filed on Monday in the New York Supreme Court. The complaint claims a total of 38 plaintiffs, including 23 “Jane Does” and 15 women by name.

The plaintiffs claim that Toback “used his fame, authority and influence in the entertainment industry, including as an award-winning movie director, screenwriter, and member of the elite Harvard Club of New York City, to entice young women, including Plaintiffs, into compromising situations where he falsely imprisoned, sexually abused, raped, and/or battered them.”

Director James Toback Accused Of Being A Sexual Predator

The lawsuit further claims that “the Plaintiffs acted at all times under duress as a result of Toback’s repeated explicit and implied threats of blacklisting them in the industry, harming them physically, and/or even killing them if they did not comply and remain silent about the sexual abuse they endured.”

In the dining room, hallways, stairwells, restrooms, and hotel rooms of the Harvard Club, “Defendant Toback falsely imprisoned, sexually attacked, abused and/or battered women at the Harvard Club, including six of the Plaintiffs,” the lawsuit claimed.

In accordance with other allegations, James Toback, a 1966 Harvard University graduate, “sexually abused his victims including Plaintiffs” throughout the city in “his editing studio, his residence, hotel rooms, and public parks,” in addition to his mother’s apartment.

The complaint claims that “Plaintiffs did not consent to Defendant Toback’s mistreatment.” “Toback violently pressured them to cooperate by use of physical force and/or threats, both verbal and implied, that he would have Plaintiffs blacklisted from the industry, kidnapped, physically injured, or killed,” according to the lawsuit.

Director James Toback Accused Of Being A Sexual Predator

According to the complaint of the private alumni club, Toback’s co-defendant, “The Harvard Club continuously catered to Toback’s wants, providing him a safe haven for his repulsive and criminal conduct.”

The Harvard Club allegedly “removed” Toback’s membership “after conducting an internal investigation in or around the fall of 2017,” according to the complaint. A club representative stated that his membership had been terminated and added, “Beyond that, the Harvard Club does not comment on pending litigation.”

The new complaint was filed four years after James Toback’s sex crime investigation was closed. He was accused of multiple sexual misconduct allegations in Los Angeles.

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