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Jamal Edwards, Man Behind The UK Rap Scene Dies At The Age Of 31

Jamal Edwards was loved by everyone that came in contact with him.

On Sunday, Jamal Edwards, the creator of a music YouTube site that provided British rap singers like Skepta, and Rite Ora, as well as pop stars like Ed Sheeran, an early platform, died at the age of 31.

Several British musicians complimented Edwards on Monday. Rita Ora, who filmed a video for SB.TV early in her career paid homage to Edwards’ in a post she wrote on Instagram, ” He believed in me and so many of us before we ever believed in ourselves”.

Dave, one of the most well-known rappers in the United Kingdom, tweeted a photo of Edwards with the words, “Thank you for everything.”

Despite Edwards’ underground renown, he had long been acknowledged by the British elite. In 2014, he received one of the country’s highest accolades for his contributions to music at Buckingham Palace, the home of Britain’s royal family. Edwards also started JE Delve, a nonprofit that helps young people in the neighborhood where he grew up.

His mother, Brenda Edwards, a broadcaster for BBC, claimed her son died the day before following a sudden illness. You can see her post below:

Jamal Edwards

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