Jake Paul & Brother Logan Made Millions Becoming Boxers


Jake Paul loves to troll on social media and has a reason to do so.

Jake Paul and his brother Logan make a combined total of $63 MILLION over the course of the previous year, making them the most successful YouTube personalities to become professional boxers.

On Friday, Forbes published its list of the highest-paid influencers on social media platforms, with the Problem Child coming in at number two with estimated earnings of $45 million, according to Forbes.

According to the publication, Jake earned almost $40 million in the ring, defeating Ben Askren in April and Tyron Woodley in August and December, respectively.

Jake Paul

Whether Jake is regarded a “genuine” boxer or not, the money he’s making is undeniable — his earnings in 2021 would have placed him among the top-paid sportsmen in the world last year — earning more than Canelo Alvarez, who allegedly earned $34 million last year in boxing.

As for Logan, he allegedly earned $18 million in 2021, thanks in large part to his fight with Floyd Mayweather, his “Impulsive” podcast, and other commercial prospects. Logan was ranked #8 on Forbes’ list of the most popular YouTube personalities.

Despite their incredible profits in 2021, neither Jake nor Logan were able to surpass Mr. Beast for the number one place — the King of YouTube alone hauled in $54 million in that year.

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