Hurricane Chris Acquitted Of All Charges

Hurricane Chris is happy to be a free man!

Hurricane Chris,” real name Chris Dooley a rapper from Louisiana, was found not guilty of murder charges after he shot a guy he believed was trying to steal his car.

Dooley was charged with second-degree murder in 2020 for the slaying of Danzeria Farris Jr. in June of that year.

Hurricane Chris Acquitted Of All Charges

In a Shreveport gas station, Farris was shot multiple times. In addition to the murder charge, Dooley was arrested for having a stolen car in his possession.

The trial concluded on Wednesday with an acquittal on all charges, based largely on the allegation of self-defense.

“He was simply trying not to be killed,” Dooley’s attorney, Alex J. Washington, said to KTAL News. “What we later learned is that this individual had concrete slabs in his pocket and it was a bulge in his pocket, so when Mr. Dooley faced off with him he believed that to be a weapon. When the guy put his hand in his pocket he was faced with a decision, ‘should I leave my life in this guy’s hands? Or, should I make a decision?’ And he made a decision to save his own life and he pulled the trigger.”

Hurricane Chris Acquitted Of All Charges

The stolen automobile charges were dropped, Washington added since Dooley had co-purchased the vehicle with an ex-girlfriend who had reported it stolen after the couple had broken up.

See Hurricane Chris’s reaction to being acquitted below.

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