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Gun In The Killing Of G-Herbo Friend Link To Fort Campbell Soldiers

G-Herbo friend Gregory Jackson III was murdered at a barbershop in Chicago.

According to court papers, a handgun used in the South Loop murder of a companion of well-known rapper G-Herbo was among a stockpile of firearms that a trio of US troops at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, plotted to sell in Chicago.

On Jan. 28, 2021, a.40-caliber Glock was used in the murder of Gregory Jackson III at Studio Nineteen barbershop, 1931 S. State St. The serial number on the pistol matches one of the firearms the troops are suspected of selling, according to a Chicago police investigation.


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Fort Campbell troops are suspected of selling at least two additional firearms that were used in Chicago killings. According to federal officials, one of them, a Glock pistol, was used on March 26, 2021, in a mass shooting at a party in the 2500 block of West 79th Street that left one man dead and seven others injured.

The mass shooting and Jackson’s assassination are both suspected to be gang-related, according to police. Jackson was a member of the No Limit Muskegon Boys gang group, according to police sources. In his songs, G-Herbo has alluded to such a group. In the case of the mass shooting and Jackson’s death, no murder charges have been brought.

Christopher Mosley, on the other hand, was accused of having the firearm used in Jackson’s murder. According to a report chronicling Mosley’s arrest, police discovered the pistol, which had a laser sight, on Feb. 2, 2021, on the West Side after Mosley got into a Volvo that authorities thought was involved in Jackson’s homicide. Mosley’s lawyer filed a request on Wednesday to have the gun evidence thrown out because he claims it was collected without a proper search or arrest order.

The three Fort Campbell soldiers are also accused of plotting to sell another pistol used in an unnamed Chicago attack on March 11, 2021. Brandon Miller, a former Chicago resident, is one of those troops. According to the federal gun trafficking conspiracy charge filed against him in Nashville, Tennessee, he plotted with Jarius Brunson and DeMarcus Adams to acquire more than 90 weapons at retailers near the Tennessee-Kentucky border, where Fort Campbell is situated.

Prosecutors claimed empty gun cases found at Miller’s residence near the military post in Clarksville, Tennessee, matched firearms seized by Chicago police in homicides and shootings.

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