Gucci Mane Releases Video For “Dissin The Dead”


Gucci Mane making a statement!

Gucci Mane, as a rap industry veteran, is utilizing his influence to put an end to his fellow artists’ disdain for the departed in their music.

Gucci Mane

On Thursday, Gucci released “Dissin The Dead,” a new song that he hopes will help change the society for the better.

Rapping on the chorus, Gucci admits he should have been more careful with the things he uttered, saying, “I feel like I started a trend, they never gon’ stop/They gon’ keep dissin’ the dead.”

Gucci Mane

Dissin’ the Dead’s release coincides with the hip-hop community’s time of mourning for the passing of yet another promising young talent. On Thursday, Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan was shot and killed in his hometown, and some of his sworn enemies had already taken to social media to express their feelings.

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