Cecil Video Game Is Announced By Genie Interactive Set For 2023


GIG gearing up to release The Cecil video game later this year.

The video game “The Cecil” is a horror game about the mystery of the Cecil Hotel and the evil spirit that surrounds it, but there’s a surprise, contrary to popular belief. Explore the hotel and uncover the mysteries and untold stories in a discreet manner through the hallways of dread.

Genie Interactive and its team are hard at work on “The Cecil: The Journey Begins,” their first AAA release. Tony Brown, also known as Meztheprod, the lead developer and CEO of GIG, set out to create something that would substitute real-world events with fictional events based on real-world events. Genie Interactive Games began production in 2019 and is set to release its debut game in 2023. Soon after, they established their own game-themed creators’ studio where they could develop and produce.

Cecil Video Game

It’s time to have a look at the plot of this future iconic game in order to get ready for the next horror game on PC and Xbox. The Cecil is a survival horror game that will be released on PC, Steam, and Xbox One in the near future. “Cecil” is a horror game that revolves around the mysteries of the Cecil hotel and the evil spirit that surrounds it, but with a twist and fictional occurrences.

Explore the hotel’s halls of horror to learn about the mysteries and unknown stories that await you. Jeff Chambers wakes up to nothing but stillness in his dingy hotel room. He’s befuddled and desperate to get out of the hotel, only to discover that it has been abandoned and that malevolent spirits still lurk there.

Jeff quickly discovers that fighting evil is no easy task. To get out of the hotel, he realizes he needs to identify the three crests (stages) of grief: Shock and Denial, Pain and Guilt, and Acceptance and Hope. 

Cecil Video Game

Cecil video game will be a series-style game, according to Tony Brown, with chapters ranging from 1-3. GIG also denotes the type of setting in which this occurs. Consider darkness as the primary setting since it triggers our fear reaction, making us fearful of anything horrible happening at any moment.

This happens because we can’t see clearly. It has a dark, ominous tone to it, with spooky music, jump scares, and the fear of the unknown to keep you on edge at all times. This wonderful game will be published in 2023. Those anticipating the game’s release have so far given it excellent reviews.

The Cecil video game has piqued the imagination of gamers everywhere, from Twitch to Youtube. Despite the fact that survival horror is a fairly competitive genre, there is still a shortage of frequent releases from horror developers, but GIG will not be deterred. 

Cecil Video Game

The Youtube Academy taught these creators how to make video games using the Unreal Engine platform. Youtube is correct. GIG also posted a video showcasing early gameplay, and we must admit, it looks very much like a AAA title. GIG has also provided fans with updated trailers and concept art via Twitter and their website. Keep an eye out for this treat; it might be quite frightening. Check out Cecil video game Here

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