Freeway Daughter Harmony Passes Away After Battling Cancer


Freeway is griefing the death of his 21 year old daughter.

Freeway’s daughter Harmony has died recently, and the family is in grief. She was just twenty-one years old.


She passed away, and Freeway announced it via an Instagram post in which he paid respect to his daughter. He revealed how his religion has helped him deal with the loss of a kid during an interview on Jeezy’s The (Re)Session podcast in November.

His explanation was similar to what he had previously shared with the group on Islam and God. ‘Without it, I’m not sure where I’d be right now,’ says the author. “However, it was my trust in God and my knowledge of God that took me through the tough times.”

The rapper has been dealing with his own health issues with kidney failure and is said to be really taking the loss of his daughter hard. He also lost a son “SnowHadd” as he is known in the industry, in early 2020. Let’s send our condolences to him and his family as they are dealing with the pain of losing a child.

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