Fivio Foreign Defends Drill Music Amid NYPD Blaming Drill For Gun Violence

Fivio Foreign wants to make a few things clear.

In recent weeks, Fivio Foreign has been attending meetings at The Palm in New York City to discuss the future of drill music on radio stations, as the genre has been marginalized due to its violent lyrics. Among those attending the meetings were Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson and Pop Smoke’s mother, among others.

The rapper Fivio Foreign talked to TMZ on his way out of the building, where he discussed drill music as a constructive outlet for musicians coming out of the ghetto. Fivio Foreign’s statements come only a few days after New York City Police Department Deputy Chief Joseph Gulotta connected drill music to the city’s recent spate of shootings.

Fivio wants people to understand that music lyrics are just that, some rappers don’t write their own music he stated. He stands by his opinion that drill music is art, he puts the blame on the individuals causing the violence and some on the NYPD.

Does Fivio have a point? Some may say yes and some may say no but let’s agree to disagree, music is a form of art that allows a musician to express themselves through the lyrics, which at times they express violence but that isn’t an excuse for others to act upon with violence, you have to blame the individual for their own actions as they know right from wrong.

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