Film Review: The Batman (2022) Is A Masterpiece!


Thrilling but human, The Batman is a triumph for new age cinema

Dark, eerie, and gritty, the 2022 Matt Reeves directed version of the iconic The Batman DC comic hero is not only the best version yet but the most grounded. Robert Pattinson’s version of the character is only in his second year and is still getting used to the vigilante lifestyle. He hasn’t developed the graces of the playboy persona Bruce Wayne puts on in past films which makes this film unique already.

With little to go off pre movie trailer many fans were in heavy anticipation of the film and it did not disappoint. From the red lit setting of Gotham City, landmark acting performances including Paul Dano as The Riddler, a beautifully crafted story which showcased a young Bruce Wayne finding his own, and aside from the action aspect of the source material being adapted, the detective aspect was incorporated seamlessly. All of those elements made a three hour film feel like a thrilling thirty minute trip of flair and mystery.

It’s crime noir at it’s finest and really ends in a way where the future of the new franchise can go in many directions. With a film so complex but brilliant I had to watch it multiple time just to make sure I didn’t miss any clues and I realized how great it was overall. Sure Marvel’s recent run of movies portrayed a more supernatural theatrical mosh of special effects and feel goodness that captivated fans worldwide. However, that’s not always the case in real life and that what really sells The Batman.

The image of a larger than life character is unfolding right before our eyes and it’s beautiful. Bruce is not at his peak at but is climbing the ladder and establishing a legacy for himself in multiple ways. The version we get is a more grounded, awkward Wayne who is not accustomed to the limelight his family has induced for him just yet. The young man must mature into the playboy Bruce Wayne commonly portrayed in cinema and it’s such a great take.

The incorporation of the detective elements of The Batman finally delivers the nostalgia of the comic books I’ve been waiting for so long. He is literally called the world greatest detective and going forward a balance of mystery and action would please fans worldwide. Finally the acting and my favorite performance was how menacing but silly Paul Dano made the iconic The Riddler. Being one of The batman’s man foes, Riddler needed a much needed update and Paul delivered. The was the villain performance for me in nay comic book based film since Heath ledger’s rendition of The Joker.

Couple these factors in with the gorgeous cinematography and The Batman easily scores a perfect ten out of ten for me. This is the type of movie you can put in any decade and it will shine. It makes perfect use of modern technology to enhance a plot that has more of a classic, old school feel.

Here are some highlights of why I gave this film a perfect score

Now the film is officially on HBO max there is absolutely no reason nobody should miss out on this modern masterpiece. If you do, it’s a crime and Bruce shall use any means necessary to make your eyeballs view the best film of the year so far.

Few notable film credits below without giving out too much of the plot Via IMBD:

Robert Pattinson Bruce Wayne / The Batman

Zoë Kravitz Selina Kyle / Catwoman

Jeffrey Wright Lt. James Gordon

Colin Farrell Oz / The Penguin

Paul Dano The Riddler

John Turturro Carmine Falcone

Andy Serkis Alfred

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