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Easterseals Launches ES Gaming on December 3rd

Easterseals is helping disabled gamers play without feelings unwanted.

A new participant has entered the gaming industry with the aim of creating inclusive, accessible environments for disabled players. Easterseals, the leading nonprofit provider of disability services and support in the country, has introduced ES Gaming. Its goal is to establish a new standard for equity, inclusion, and access among all disabled gamers while amplifying the voices of those who are disabled and promoting accessible innovations to provide a more welcoming environment in a sector that is constantly changing.

Easterseals Launches ES Gaming on December 3rd

Despite the fact that many businesses and developers now prioritize disability awareness and accessibility in gaming, there are still obstacles for players with impairments. For disabled gamers, online communities can be exclusionary places where they feel unwanted and are frequently forced out of places. Erin Hawley, a digital content producer for Easterseals and a gaming accessibility consultant, says, “It took me a while to find a gaming community that was both accessible and accepting.” “I love getting the chance to assist others in finding that place. By reducing loneliness, community gaming has a beneficial effect on mental health. I want other people to know there is a place where they can exist as who they are without facing criticism.”

Even though the gaming industry has made progress toward inclusion, there is still a lack of awareness and understanding about accessibility and what it actually entails for both disabled and non-disabled players. With its informative and entertaining social media material, continuing Twitch streams showcasing gamers with disabilities, and other community activities meant to unite gamers for a common good, Easterseals and ES Gaming aim to alter that.

Easterseals Launches ES Gaming on December 3rd

The Game4Access Streamathon by ES Gaming, which takes place on December 3, 2022—International Day of Persons with Disabilities—is one such occasion. Disabled gaming influencers will band together with other special guests on Twitch from 2 pm to 10 pm EST to raise money for this project. Games like Rocket League, Minecraft, and Fortnite, which are all well-liked by both disabled and non-disabled gamers due to their accessibility, will be included during the Streamathon. Easterseals’ purpose of promoting complete equity, inclusion, and access for disabled people and the community will be advanced by the use of all monies received to assist ES Gaming’s focus on granting access to the disabled population in gaming environments.

In the gaming community and industry, ES Gaming is still expanding and establishing relationships. Visit to find out more about ES Gaming and how you can become involved. On December 3, 2022, from 2 pm to 10 pm EST, you can participate in the Streamathon live on the Game4Access Twitch page.

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