East Meets West: Stacctonio & Big Sad Honor 2pac Shakur With  “Friend Like Me” Tribute

Stacctonio & Big Sad pay homage to 2pac.

When Superstar directors Hollywood Pompeii & Roscoe Guerrero took on the task of re-creating arguably one of 2pac’s more memorable classics they had one goal in mind Bridging the Gap.


After almost 2 decades of resentment and countless lives lost on both sides connecting Eastcoast & Westcoast seemed almost impossible. It was Harlem’s own Stacctonio who like 2pac made the move from Harlem to California that set the groundwork for the unimaginable.

While in Los Angeles Stacctonio called on One of the Westcoast’s biggest stars Big Sad 1900. This was a monumental moment for Hip-Hop finally The East & West had connected. In an unusual turn of events, it was later revealed Big Sad 1900 & Stacctonio had made a bond years earlier in the notorious Miami housing projects “Lincoln Fields”.


The choice to pay homage to 2pac was a mutual one due to the fact not only Big Sad but Stacctonio as well considered Shakur their favorite rapper, Almost a soundtrack to HOODVLOGS episode “Welcome to the Playboy Gangster Hood in Los Angeles” Watch as the main characters Big sad 1900 & Stacctonio take you through a section of west Los Angeles that’s often overlooked.


Complemented by Slick wordplay and an authentic New York swagger delivered by Stacctonio. Big Sad & Stacctonio pay homage to the fallen legend by keeping a genuinely 2pac-inspired chorus which is sure to be a fan favorite. Produced by European heavyweight beat maker John Savage & recorded by Sean Kingston & Drakeo the Ruler’s producer/engineer Mousa in Hollywood California “A remake of this caliber it was only fit to have an international effort in making this an instant classic”

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