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D’Roc Of Ying Yang Twins Collapses On Stage

D’Roc was carried off stage by security.

During a performance over the weekend, one of the Ying Yang Twins D’Roc became sick and had to be helped off the stage.


In Springfield, Missouri, at the Ozark Empire Fair, D-Roc unexpectedly collapsed on the stage floor 30 minutes into the Twins’ set. As if sensing a need for assistance, security came forward and helped him off the platform.

The performance included Vanilla Ice as the headliner and featured special guests the Ying Yang Twins.


It’s not clear what happened to him; heat exhaustion seems unlikely given that the temperature outside was in the 80s. Neither his condition nor whether he was brought to the hospital is known.

After the incident, the program continued as scheduled.

Video Credited To TMZ

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