Dr. Dre To Pay Ex-Wife Nicole Young $100 Million In Settlement

Dr. Dre is said to be ok with the ruling.

Dr. Dre has reached a property settlement deal with his ex-wife, Nicole Young, and for Dre’s part, he is “delighted” that Nicole Young would only get a portion of his wealth.

After recently filing their property settlement agreement, Dr. Dre promised to give Young $100 million — $50 million now and another $50 million in a year’s time.   Dre is reported to have a net worth of $820 million dollars.

As for why Nicole didn’t receive half of the fortune, there was a prenuptial agreement that she fought.  Aside from the Brentwood mansion, Dre gets to retain seven of the properties the couple owns, including a Malibu residence, two Calabasas residences, and four properties in the Los Angeles region, including a $100 million Malibu residence.

In addition, Dre obtains complete rights to his master recordings, trademarks, and stakes in different partnerships and trusts. His share of the company’s Apple stock, which includes the revenues from the sale of Beats by Dre, is also his to retain. They split a fleet of automobiles, he gets six and she gets four. she gets to keep the jewelry, cash, and bank accounts that she had kept throughout the marriage.

Nicole is responsible for her own legal bills, which amount to millions of dollars in total. There are also some storage lockers stocked with belongings from their numerous houses. Dre had placed the belongings in storage, and according to the settlement she gets to retain all the stuff inside that was hers.

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