Dr. Dre Just Released New Music, On ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Dr. Dre working on a list of thing inculding Video Games.

Dr. Dre will make his debut as a playable character in Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract, which will be released later this year. Furthermore, throughout the course of the game, players will be able to hear six new Dre tracks, which is an unusual occurrence considering how little music he has produced in the previous two decades. The songs include “Gospel,” which has Eminem, “Diamond Mind,” which features Nipsey Hussle and Ty Dolla $ign, and “ETA,” which features Snoop Dogg and Anderson. Paak also appears on “ETA.” Paak.

Dr. Dre

“We’ve been wanting to work with Dre for a long time,” says Rob Nelson, co-studio head of Rockstar North. “We’re excited to finally get to work with him.” The fact that you can receive music from him when he isn’t producing music all that often is a rare and exceptional thing, much alone getting exclusive music from him.” He began shooting demonstrations at us as soon as we started chatting, saying things like, “Check this out, check this out, I did this with so-and-so.” “It was a fairly bizarre experience,” says the author.

This is also the latest musical coup for Rockstar Games, which has previously wrangled new music into its games from D’Angelo and Moodymann — both of whom are titans in their respective fields who work at their own pace and are unconcerned about commercial pressure — over the course of the last four years, among others. Rockstar Games is capable of doing what major record companies are unable to: persuading these very autonomous musicians to create music on someone else’s timeline, as opposed to their own.

Dr. Dre

Tracks List:

Falling Up
Gospel ( Featuring Eminem)
Black Privilege
Diamond Mind (Featuring Nipsey Hussle, TyDolla Sign)
ETA (Featuring Snoop, Busta, and Anderson Paak)
The Scenic Route (Featuring Anderson Paak)

Dre’s famed perfectionism is really a major story factor in the current incarnation of Grand Theft Auto, which was released in September. When the producer misplaces part of his music, the player takes on the role of a private investigator in search of the missing tracks. “This is his prize, and you are responsible for retrieving it for him,” Nelson explains further. In place of currency or commodities, we’re employing a basic video game aim, but instead of cash or products, we’re using music [as the missing item].”

Having Dre’s inclusion in Grand Theft Auto make sense for longtime gamers, according to Nelson, was critical for Rockstar Games to ensure that the inclusion wasn’t just a one-off celebrity cameo with no greater significance. The fact that Dr. Dre is so well-known means that you can’t simply cram him into the globe, according to Nelson, is proof of that. “He needed to be completely integrated in order for it to make sense. At the same time, you work both backward and forwards, from the top down and from the bottom up: “We want this individual to be a part of the game; how can we get there in a manner that seems realistic and fun?”

In a charming example of truth mirroring art, DJ Pooh, who was responsible for bringing Dre and GTA together in the first place, is also instrumental in connecting gamers to Dre. Since his in-game radio program, West Coast Classics, has been broadcasting for more than a decade, Pooh’s presence in Grand Theft Auto has already had an impact. “We invited him to come off the radio and into the environment [of the game],” Nelson explains, in order to “connect the dots.” “In that sense, we were a mirror image of actual life.”

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