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Dizaster Vs Geechi Gotti Aug 5th In Los Angeles

Dizaster is the creative director at GTX

Dizaster and Geechi Gotti, two of the biggest names in West Coast battle rap, will meet on a night full of highly anticipated bouts. Battle rap pioneer Dizaster, along with GrindTime co-creators Lush One and Drect, had been promoting their “Ouroboros” event on the internet for weeks.


Last month’s announcement of the main event, Diz vs. Gotti, came as a surprise to the battle rap community. This matchup pits two literary giants from different generations against one another in what promises to be a heated and contentious war of wits.


The Ouroboros card was revealed after the featured battlers were announced, but before the actual pairings were made public. Read on to find out more!

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